Almost a pair of socks I started knitting this sock pattern a really long time ago. Like a really long time ago. And somehow in the middle of the second sock, I just got side-tracked by other projects and the first sock only ended up with a half-completed mate.

It’s a shame, because I love that pattern; I shouldn’t have let it wait so long. I’m a big fan of open-work in socks, and I really enjoy this lace pattern. And I love, love, love the colorway of the yarn I’m using. Lots of pretty rosy-reds, some gorgeous blues, and yellows. Unfortunately, I lost the ball-band for the yarn, so I have no idea what yarn this is or what colorway it is.

Picking up a pattern after you’ve been away from it for a long time can be an awfully frustrating experience. Genius me, I put these socks down in the middle of the gusset set-up, which is not an intuitive place to restart a project. And on top of that, a bunch of stitches slipped off a few of the needles, necessitating some tedious picking up of stitches. It took some patience, but everything is now back where it belongs and I’m on my way to a new pair of cute socks.

More pictures to come when they’re done.