Finished cozy socksI’ve been sick for the past week. I started feeling under the weather on Monday, and by Thursday, I was seriously ill. So I haven’t been doing much blogging. But I did get to wear my nice new socks. I love these socks, especially because they aren’t identical. I purposely didn’t make the colorway line up on each sock. And I love that the lace pattern is offset to the outside of each sock.

The other thing I did this week was audition. I just closed a show last month. I mostly had a wonderful time doing the show, but the last few weeks, some of the actors made some nasty drama. I love theatre. I love acting and singing and performing. I HATE the nonsense competition, one-up-man-ship, constant self-promotion, and general diva behavior that people seem to think go hand-in-hand with being an actor. I like doing the work and constantly getting better and coming together with people to make something that an audience enjoys. That’s what I love about theatre. And while it would be great if I could become a “working actor” and not have to go to a job I don’t love every day, if I end up never making another penny from acting, that’s okay.

So I decided I needed to do something to cleanse my palate. I went to auditions for a show at a theatre company where I’ve worked before, where the director always makes it feel like a good experience. As I was warming up in the car on the way to the theatre, I realized that I didn’t have the range to sing what I was planning on singing for my audition, due to getting sick. (This was right before I came down with the full-blown illness and was just kind of feeling icky.) I had to change my song at the last minute to another in my book that had a lower range. It definitely wasn’t my best audition, because I hadn’t practiced that particular song in a while, but it wasn’t my worst either. It makes me feel good, because I feel that I’m getting to be a better performer. I’m getting to be better at doing things I haven’t rehearsed a million times. I’m not a believer in “over-rehearsing” but it is nice to be able to speed up my “process” and pick things up a bit faster than I used to.

And then there was the dance call. I do not dance. I am terrible in dance calls. I was going for a non-dancing role though, and I knew I was going to suck, so I decided that I was just going to go in and do whatever I could. It didn’t matter how I did anyway. And it was fun. I’m sure I looked like an idiot, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t get the role I wanted, but I got another small role, so it’s all good.

But then I woke up the next morning sick as hell and have spent the past few days in bed watching United States of Tara and knitting. It’s back to work tomorrow, and I’m hoping that I’m well enough to get through the day. I was totally stir-crazy today though, so I did go out for a bit and sat in the car, looking at the ocean. And then I went to the bookstore and got some new knitting magazines, just because. Even those few hours out tired me out, so I guess I’ll take it easy the next few days.