New BikeThis weekend I got a new bike! I’m so excited about this. It’s an Electra Amsterdam model. It’s a great little cruiser bike that I can ride to work and the grocery store and the library and the farmer’s market. Which is great exercise for me, and a great for the environment. I spend a good portion of my life traveling within a five-mile radius of my house and the weather where I live is great, so there’s no reason for me to drive as much as I do. And with the saddlebags I bought to go on the rack in the back, I can carry a ton of stuff home from the market and stuff.

It’s a beautiful bike that rides really smoothly. The gearshift is like butter, and the coaster-break works really well. I took a seven-mile ride around my neighborhood today after the rain cleared up this evening, and I remembered how much I love riding a bike. I haven’t ridden one since I was a kid, but it’s so nice to be flying along. The fruit trees in the tract are blossoming all white, the air was so clear after the rain, and the clouds were just beautiful, especially once the sun started setting.

I love it when life lines up so that something you really and truly enjoy is also good for you and good for the environment. One of my goals this year was to reduce my ecological impact, because as I said in my first post, I have some bad habits. In addition to reducing the driving I do, I’ve started shopping more locally (farmer’s markets are awesome) and completely stopped using the disposable cups at work for my tea (seriously, they’re freaking styrofoam–ick!). They’re small changes (especially the cups), but I’m thinking of this as the beginning. And it feels like a good one.