February 2012

This Saturday, I had a free day before rehearsal, so a friend and I drove up to the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. The weather was gorgeous and I got some great photos.

The wildlife was being kind of shy, so it’s all plants and landscapes. But even without seeing much beyond a few birds and a huge grey squirrel, we had a great hike on the trails and saw some really beautiful views. And it’s only about a half-hour outside of where I live. It was the best Saturday I’ve had in a while.


SunsetI haven’t written for a bit. I’ve been busy–going to rehearsal, Disneyland, seeing my friends’ band, and riding my bike a whole lot. I ride it to rehearsals a lot. Riding to work is a little trickier, because I have to ride over two freeway overpasses…and, not to sound like every biker ever, but, seriously, some drivers are straight-up jerks. I almost got sideswiped on a practice ride last weekend by a jerk who didn’t want to share the road. (I don’t know why he didn’t just pass me in the next lane over–the road is four lanes wide). It’s made me a little skittish about that route.

The other thing I’ve been doing is running. I am on Week 2 of the Couch to 5k running plan. I’m not actually terribly out of shape, but I have never been a runner. I find swimming and biking to be infinitely easier.

I’ve tried running on a treadmill before, but I find myself watching the clock and I get really antsy and bored. I was always self-conscious about running outside before, but I’ve stopped caring in the past few weeks. I’ve taken my running routine outside and I feel like it’s much easier to motivate myself to do it. I get to see the scenery and my neighbors. My neighborhood is actually really cute and there is a great trail to run and bike on. And I usually go around sunset, so when I’m done I can take arty nonsense pictures like the one up there.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Also, I finished my wristlets, and started on a scarf out of my kidsilk haze. Pictures to come later.