Finished Knitted Shawl--UnblockedI bound off my Pink Fluffy Clouds Shawl tonight. I just made it with the yarn; I was thisclose to running out. But I bound off and it’s all done, except for the blocking.

Blocking lace shawls makes a huge difference. It looks like limp spaghetti now, but once I block it (probably this weekend), it will look like proper lace. But I’m still excited and it’s still so pretty that I just wanted to share. Next I’m going to start some socks, and I’m going to knit them continental style.

I learned how to knit English (yarn held in the right hand), but I’ve always wanted to learn Continental. I’ve heard it’s faster, and one can never know too many ways of knitting.

Once I block, I’ll post the finished product and you’ll be able to see the difference.