Spring Haiku Socks

Heated spring air
In tiny waves of an inch or two -
Above wintery grass.

I started new socks, and the first one is almost done. The heel is turned and now it’s just finishing the foot. It’s the Haiku Pattern from Knitted Socks East and West. I’m doing it in a very spring-like colorway of Jojoland Melody sock yarn. I totally love this pattern. It’s got a lovely 3-stitch lift technique that makes the gathered looking bits and really pretty openwork. It makes me think of blossoms budding on a branch for spring.

I also love how this yarn knits up colorwise. Variegated yarns sometimes frustrate me, because they look really pretty in the skein, but when they knit up, they look like…well, clown vomit. Just a jumble of colors that are suddenly painful to look at. Color can be tricky like that. But I don’t feel like this yarn gives me that problem. My Blackrose Socks were also knitted with Jojoland Melody, so I guess I like the way they do their colors.

JOJOLAND: Y U NO JOIN YARN IN MATCHING COLOR?I’m having other issues with the yarn–it’s a little splitty sometimes for one thing. But the worst is that I had a break in the yarn. When they are making the yarn at the factory, if they run out in the middle of a skein, they just knot a new piece onto the existing, and then as you’re knitting along, you come upon a knot. Which happens, and usually it’s okay–you just cute the knot out and rejoin the yarn. But with this yarn, the joined piece did not match color. So I had to go through almost the whole skein to find the matching colorway to rejoin the yarn. So annoying!

But other than that, I do enjoy the yarn. After blocking and washing, it’s nice and soft and warm and it makes such pretty colorways. So I’m pretty happy with the way these are turning out. I hope to finish the one today, and then start its mate.