So, I fell down a knitting hole. And a theatre hole.

I spent the past couple of weeks feverishly knitting for the Ravellenic Games (which were formerly called the Ravelympics, until the Olympic Committee got all pissy with us about trademarks). The purpose of the Ravellenic Games is to challenge yourself to complete a project over the course of the Olympics. You cannot cast on before the opening ceremony, and you must be finished before midnight the day of the closing ceremony.

I decided to really challenge myself. I completed a small shawl, a baby sweater, a baby hat, baby booties, and a baby blanket. In two weeks. While rehearsing a show that opened the same weekend the Olympics closed. So…since I can’t type with my toes, I ended up not blogging, because every spare moment, my hands were busy knitting.

It’s kind of a silly thing to do, but it’s so much fun at the same time. You can join teams (I “competed” for three separate ones including Team Tardis), enter your projects in events (such as the lace longjump), and you get “medals” for finishing. Plus, sometimes a deadline helps me get things done. I HATE seaming, and I know that baby sweater would still be sitting there unseamed, except that I had to get it done for the Ravellenic games. But next year, I’m going to make sure to do fewer projects, especially if I’m in a show at the time.

Despite rehearsal cutting into my knitting time, I finished everything–sort of. I don’t like the way the buttons look on the sweater, so I think I’m going to take them off and re-do them, using the couture button method that the Knitmore Girls use (the video links are in the sidebar). And the shawlette is a little small, even with blocking. I have some yarn left, so I think I will rip it out and add a few more rows to make it a little bigger. So, no pictures until I’ve done those things. I want them to happen this weekend, but we’ll see. I have a kind of full plate already.

I promise there will be pictures and project run downs forthcoming. For now, I’m working on a smaller easy lace scarf project, and swatching for a grownup sweater (for me!). I’ve also been obsessively listening to knitting podcasts, specifically the afore mentioned Knitmore girls, The Anatomy of Knitting, and CraftLit. They have inspired me to start some new things (I want to learn how to spin, organize my stash, and start my own podcast), so more updates to come!