Sorry it was a couple of days without an update. I am trying to update daily, but I was a little under the weather the past few days. Nothing serious, I just didn’t feel well enough to do much after I got home from work. Anyway, on to the blog!

There was a year when I decided that I should definitely knit all of my Christmas gifts. I thought that it was the best and most brilliant idea ever. And even though I really thought that I had given myself plenty of time, I still ended up pulling an all-nighter the day before I drove up to my parents’ house (which I think was the 22nd into the 23rd) and another all-nighter on Christmas Eve, finishing things. I may have maybe been a little over-ambitious when I decided that a Doctor Who Scarf, an Estonian Lace Shawl, a felted purse with intarsia, a bottle of wine in a hand-knit bag, and several knit toys (all of which required lots of finishing work) were a feasible amount of projects to accomplish in two months. Everyone got their gifts, but I was a frazzled wreck and did not enjoy the experience.

And so I vowed to never, ever, ever do that again. Now, I buy Christmas gifts, with very few exceptions. (I did knit a sweater for my baby sister last year, but she was a toddler, and it was one thing–and I still ended up barely finishing on time. The trouble is that in my mind I can knit much faster than I can in real life). I still knit things for people, but I prefer the gifting to be random or at the very least to not intersect with the time of year when you are supposed to give gifts to lots of people. And I only do it if I really, really want to.

I therefore must have been struck with a fever or something when I decided to do some more Christmas knitting this year. Why do I do these things to myself???

The body of a baby sweaterOkay, no, to be fair, it is only two things. One is for my nephew, who is a baby and adorable and deserves every hand-knit item ever. Plus, baby things knit up so quickly that I don’t mind. So he is getting a little baby sweater. I’ve finished the body, so all I have left are the sleeves and the neckband. I had about a quarter of a sleeve done last night, but this morning I realized that I had picked it up on the wrong side, thus giving the sweater a lovely inside-out look. So I ripped it out. Kids, don’t make knitting decisions when you’ve had half a bottle of wine. I’m knitting it out of sock yarn on size 3 needles, which sort of makes up for it’s tiny size–in that it still feels like it is taking forever. Part of this may be because garter stitch is not my favorite thing to knit. But I love the sweater (and my nephew) so much that I am willing to sacrifice for it.

Oooo....artsy green ribbing and garter stitchThe other thing is being knit for someone I am sure reads this blog, so you don’t get to know what it is. (While I’m reasonably sure that my nephew’s mother reads the blog, my nephew is not even a month old and thus can’t read, so I feel safe detailing his baby sweater here. I’m hoping that his mother won’t tell him.) Instead you get an artsy close up shot of some of the stitches. (The yarn is actually a much deeper green than in that shot, but every time I got up really close, the color went wonky. I should probably get a real camera, as in one that is not attached to my phone.)

As you can see, we have some garter stitch and some ribbing. I am about a quarter of the way done with the whole project. I am reasonably confident that I will finish this on time. That is all you get to know until after Christmas.

(Does anyone get the feeling that I may be headed for another frantic all-night pre-Christmas knitting bout that will end in tears and panic? I just keep telling myself that this year I will conquer the Christmas knitting. If I say it enough, it has to be true.)