My partially knit garter stitch baby kimono

It’s so nice for us to be spending quality time together.

There are exactly 14 days left until Christmas. You’re almost done, you sweet little baby sweater. All that’s left after that is to block it, seam it, weave in the ends, pick up and knit the neck edging, make the ties and sew them in, put an edging on the front edges, and sew on the grosgrain ribbon button band and the buttons. Easy. I’ll totally get it done. I know it seems like a lot, but baby things are tiny. As long as I stay on task, I’ll definitely–

Hello darling…

What’s that you say, beautiful, beautiful lace Frost Flowers Shawl? You’re silk and lovely and so, so much more interesting to knit than miles of garter stitch? Well, I don’t know if that’s fair. It’s a lovely pattern and–Oh, who am I kidding. Just look at those gorgeous, yarn-overs. And your sleek, shiny yarn. No matter how clever and cute and well designed a garter stitch baby sweater made out of sock yarn is, it can’t possibly measure up–

No. No. I must focus on the Christmas knitting. I love this baby sweater. And once the buttons are on, it’s going to be adorable.

Now, the secret gift is a quarter of the way done. But it’s a small thing. There’s no problem there. Knitting that is easy. And there’s minimal finishing. It’ll totally be done in time. It’s a really clever pattern and–

Don’t I mean anything to you anymore? Why don’t you ever call?

Hello, you lovely Wispy Cardi made out of Malabrigo that feels like a soft marshmallow. Why yes, I do remember how I mistreated you by seaming you without blocking and then left you for all those months in the UFO pile. But I fixed it, just last night. You’re all blocked and ready to be properly seamed, you just have to be patient a little longer. Yes, I know that you’re waiting, but if you just–come on, don’t be like that. Just give it week or so and then I’ll be ready to–Yes, of course I care. Of course I want to finish you. I want to knit you so badly. You’re made out of my favorite yarn, your pattern is lovely. You just have to understand that right now, I’m in the middle of Christmas knitting and–No, don’t cry like that. Please. I’ll make it up to you…

It’s okay, she’s temperamental. She’ll be back. Now, back to that sleeve…

Hello sailor. Why don’t you come over and see me sometime?

Oh, it’s you Madeline Tosh Merino Light. Yes, I know I got you all wound up and ready to become that gorgeous beaded star chart shawl. And believe me, when the time comes, there will be knitting and beading and–Oh, who could resist you?

This is so nice.