I’ve worked on three projects tonight, two knitting related and one Christmas related. One of them is making me frustrated and sad, but two of them are making me so very happy. I guess that balances out. I guess that more than balances out.


When I got home today, I finally bit the bullet and seamed up the sleeves on my Wispy Cardi. I really, really want to get past this step so I can move on and get a sweater. But I’m not terribly happy with the seaming. This is the second time I’ve done it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m taking a class in finishing techniques at Stitches West, which I’m hoping will help my finishing skills. I’m okay doing mattress stitch on straight seams. Where I have trouble is when I have increases and decreases so the edges are angled. I don’t know if I’m just not going into the stitches the right way.

I’m debating ripping it out and redoing it again. Or maybe ripping out the whole thing and re-knitting them in the round so I don’t have to deal with seaming at all. I can’t decide if I can live with the job I did or not. I want to love this sweater, because the Malabrigo is so nice and soft and it will feel amazing to wear. I don’t want to be ashamed of it.

So pretty.

After I put that aside in indecisive disgust, we decorated the tree. I’m so happy with it. It’s really, really, really beautiful. Ron found the little houses at a hardware store, so we have a little Christmas village underneath, which makes me even happier. They’re really, really cute. You can see little people inside them, having tea and baking cookies. And with that, it finally feels like Christmas.

Celestarium Shawl

Also so pretty.

Tonight (even though I should be working on the secret project, since the tree is undeniable proof that Christmas is indeed in a week) all I want to do is sit, look at my tree, and work on my Celestarium. This pattern makes me so happy. It’s beautiful. And the Madelinetosh merino light I’m knitting it in knits up like butter. I love the random placement of the beads (which isn’t really random, since it’s making constellations). The lack of repetition means I don’t get bored. And the fact that I’m starting to recognize the constellations formed, because it truly feeds my inner geek. I’m loving this shawl more than I can say.

I swear, I’ll be good and work on the secret project tomorrow. Tonight I want stars.