Presents are wrapped, travel is arranged, and everything Christmassy is done. Except for the secret project. This photo is my bar knitting last night. Note that I am not knitting on the secret project. It’s like I’m trying to sabotage myself. I still maintain that I will finish the secret project in time to give it to its recipient. It’s just that the place I am in the pattern is really fiddly. It is not appropriate bar knitting. Miles of 1×1 rib, which is what I had to do on the Wispy Cardi, is appropriate bar knitting. I took it to watch the always awesome Whatever Band last night and got a fair amount of knitting done.

Until I got too tipsy to knit.

That doesn’t happen often, but boy did it happen last night. I had my fair share of Christmas cheer. Luckily I had the wherewithal to not try to knit in that state. (Okay, really what happened is that Ron told me to put my knitting away. I had forgotten my tape measure and was trying to see if could figure out what I had that was three inches long, so I could measure my knitting. I may have made some inappropriate jokes. When I make those kinds of jokes, it’s a good sign that I am quite sloshed. Ron convinced me to put away my knitting. He’s a good partner, because friends don’t let friends drink and knit. I have him to thank for the fact that I didn’t have to pull out tons of knitting today.)

Ron and I are driving up to my parents’ house for Christmas tomorrow. I will likely not be blogging until after the holiday. I wish you all a wonderful next couple of days, whatever you are celebrating or not celebrating. Peace and joy to all.