The sweater in action

I thought I loved my Wispy Cardi. And then I got to wear it. It turns out I don’t love it. I really, really, really, really love it. Seriously, I am so happy with it. I think, if I were to knit it again (which is not out of the question because it was a fun knit), I would make the sleeves longer and the back shrug part a little wider, because I think those are the proportions that would work best on my body. I actually knit the sleeves longer than called for in the pattern, and they are still a bit short for my taste. I would also knit the sleeves in the round to eliminate seaming, since we all know how much I love seaming.

But these are minor quibbles, and I still lovelovelove it. It’s soft and drapey and warm. (But it’s really not warm enough for the weather we have right now. It will be a perfect sweater for spring and fall.) I wet blocked it, which made the yarn bloom beautifully, so it’s got a lot of loft.

Some people, both in the comments and in my knitting group, have expressed concern over knitting a sweater in laceweight. As in, “That must have taken forever because laceweight yarn is so very tiny!” But this was knit on size US 7 needles for a gauge of 6 stitches and 8 rows per inch, which isn’t really that small, especially when you consider that this sweater doesn’t need fronts that go all the way across your body (it really is like a shrug with the body added). When you consider that, it’s really not that intimidating and no more knitting than any other standard sweater.

So here are some more shots of the sweater. I awkwardly played model and Ron graciously too pictures of me.

Wispy Cardi

The back of the sweater

Wispy Cardi

I love this gathering detail on the back

Wispy Cardi

The whole sweater. I was making a stupid face, so cropped my head out.

Lastly, in the comments Michelle asked if the arch shaping in the Roosimine sock made a difference in fit. I feel like it does. Here are pictures so you can judge for yourself.

Vanilla Socks with no arch shaping

Here is a plain vanilla sock with no arch shaping. I think my foot looks rather like a sausage.

Roosimine Socks with arch shaping

Here is the Roosimine sock, which has arch shaping. I think my foot looks rather more foot-like.

Maybe the difference is too subtle to show up in the pictures, but I notice a difference when I look at my feet in either sock. And I do notice a difference in how they feel. I think I’ll be adding arch shaping into socks where it won’t disrupt the patterning, because I do like it.