I’m sorry I didn’t write for a whole week. Work just absolutely fried my brain last week. Every time I sat down to write, I just couldn’t get myself to form anything that was coherent or worth reading. Plus, I felt like my knitting updates were really boring. I was just working on the same shawl and the same sock.

Luckily, when my brain is fried, even though I may not be able to write, I can knit!

I finished the Roosimine socks, save weaving in the ends. Even more exciting, I finished all of the knitting on the Frost Flowers stole. All I have to do is graft it together in the middle (and, you know, weave in ends and block). I’m waiting until I have a little more brainpower, because it’s a lot of Kitchener stitch. A lot. I’m still not quite in a place where Kitchenering or weaving in ends feels good, even though this week looks to be a little easier work-wise. You’ll get pictures of those later. Honestly, they don’t look terribly different than all of the other unfinished pictures I showed you before.

Never fear! There is new knitting to write about! With pictures!

Baby Vertebrae Cardigan

Baby Vertebrae Cardigan

I spent Saturday at the NAMM show, and I knew I would need some easy knitting to take with me, so Friday night I cast on the Vertebrae Cardigan in Classic Elite Liberty Wool in the Majestic Mountains Colorway. I’m done with the body (I got in a lot of knitting time Saturday in between coveting instruments that are way out of my price range). I’m knitting it for my adorable nephew. I’m a big fan of the way this yarn knits up. I tend to be wary of variegated yarns, because sometimes I just don’t like how the colors go when they’re knit up, but this is turning out well. It really looks to me like an abstract depiction of mountains and the sky, like the way they look in Arizona or New Mexico. It’s really pretty and inspiring.

The NAMM show was crazy. It was really crowded. I got a little camnesia and consequently took no pictures. I hear from a lot of people that the show is kind of terrible. I can see that. There are a lot of people there with big egos, who want to be famous musicians and feel really entitled. If you were working the show and actually had to deal with those people, I can see how you would hate it. Since I was just there to see stuff, I could ignore those people, so I kind of had fun. I got to play a lot of beautiful instruments, including some Gibson guitars that I will never be able to afford in a million years. I also discovered 8-string ukuleles. I really want one. Basically, if you let me walk around and play ukuleles and guitars, hear good musicians, and ignore jerky people, I’ll have a pretty good time.

Celestarium Shawl

A tiny section of the Celestarium Shawl

Since I was tired from the NAMM show (we did a lot of walking), I decided that I would do nothing on Sunday, except laundry and a few chores. So after a nice breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants and a quick trip to the farmers market, I cuddled up in my jammies, watched a bunch of episodes of Supernatural, and just knit. I started working on my Celestarium again. I’m about a third of the way through the second to last section of charting. It’s a pi shawl though, so each round is 288 stitches right now, but in the last section, each round will be 576 stitches, so I’m not really even close to done. I’m loving working with this yarn though, I’m loving the beading, and I’m totally geeking out over knitting a star chart, so I don’t mind having more to knit on.

What are you working on? What’s inspiring you?