Wow, I went a long time without writing. I’m going through a lot of transitions at work right now, both on a personal and a company-wide level. They will probably be good in the long run, but the transition time is murder and it is eating my brain. There are a lot of growing pains. On top of that, I’m off for four days later this month, and there’s a huge workload lately, so I’m drowning in my to do list. I’m working really hard on figuring out a way to manage my work schedule and responsibilities so that I don’t feel dead when I come home. I know I’ll get there, but thank you for bearing with me while I do it, and I’m sorry for all the delayed entries.

But I know you don’t read this blog for the fascinating content of me complaining about work, so we’re moving on to something much more exciting.

I finished the Frost Flowers Stole! Sunday morning, I woke up and decided that I was going to Kitchener all of those hundreds of stitches. I curled up in the armchair and I did it.

I have to admit, that after grafting, I held it up, and I was underwhelmed. The pattern wasn’t showing like I wanted it to at all. It looked like a spaghetti noodle-y mess.

Unblocked Shawl

This just isn’t that pretty

I had forgotten about the magic of blocking. Of course I was going to block the shawl, but I didn’t get around to it until Tuesday night. And then I remembered–some water and Eucalan and pins and wires, and you get pure magic.

Blocked Frost Flowers Shawl


The whole thing

By the way, this thing is absolutely gigantic! It’s easily longer than I am tall. I had no idea it would be so huge, even though the pattern specifies it’s dimensions at 67.5 inches, which is quite a bit longer than I am. I consistently don’t read dimensions when it comes to projects that aren’t garments, so I’m always surprised at the size (or sometimes the lack of size) of my shawls. I really should look at those more closely.

But I’m so very pleased with how this shawl turned out. Someone in my knitting group joked that she would get married again if I would let her wear it (she has sworn off marriage forever, stating that her first–which ended in divorce–was one too many). I laughed at that. I laughed harder at the suggestion that she forget the wedding and just wrap up in the shawl (and only the shawl) for her wedding night.

One more, because I love it!

This is definitely one of the prettiest things I have ever knit and even though the pattern is a little daunting with its 992 stitch cast on and its 470-some-odd stitches to graft, it’s so worth it for what you end up with.

To recap, it’s the Frost Flowers Stole by Charlene Schurch, knit in Unique Sheep Marici Laceweight, in the color Sugar Baby. I used size 7 needles, with an incredibly long cord, and lots and lots of stitch markers.