It’s funny to me how knitters turn up in all manner of places. Yesterday I went to a talk/book signing for a new Lee Marvin biography and low and behold, there was another knitter. I was in line at the coffee shop attached to the bookstore, getting a cup of tea. She noticed my shawl (which is how I knew she was a knitter, because by and large non-knitters do not comment on knitwear). We exchanged a few words about knitting and I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be funny if she were here for the same thing I was.” Then I went upstairs and, there she was. She was working on something pretty with beads. It’s not really where I would expect one to turn up, but then again, I was there too (I was knitting socks). By the way, if you have any interest at all in Lee Marvin, buy Dwayne’s book. Seriously. Buy it. Do not pass go.

Echeveria Socks

Moving on, I’ve been working on my Echeveria socks. I finished one sock, and cast on for the second one. Progress has been slow. I was almost done with the first cuff chart on Friday when I realized I had made a grievous and unfixable error. So I had to rip back, which was annoying. Then I made more mistakes and had to tink back a few rows again. Honestly, since I’ve already knit one with no mistakes, you would think I could knit a second one. But apparently not. I worked on them a bit at the Lee Marvin book signing, and I’m about to the part where I was when I had to rip them out.

The reason that progress has been so slow on the socks is mostly because I’m not working on them nearly as much as I’m working on my Celestarium. I’m determined to have it done to take to Stitches West. I’m on row 28 of the final chart, which has 55 rows total. There is also an edging row, so we can call it 56 rows. That leaves me 28 rows to complete. That may not sound like a lot, but each row is 576 stitches long at this point. I would like to have it completed by Saturday, so that I can block it on Sunday and have it ready to go. I’m leaving early Wednesday morning, so Monday is the absolute latest day I can block it to guarantee that it will be dry by Wednesday, so aiming for a Sunday blocking is giving me a one-day grace period. I need to find approximately 15 hours of knitting time between now and Saturday while also working full time, taking care of more stuff around the house than normal because Ron is sick, and having a couple of evening commitments this week. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

'Olina Socks

My miniscule progress on the ‘Olina Socks

I also cast on some toe-up socks for the Sockdown February Challenge. The pattern is ‘Olina by Emily Johnson from the book My Grandmother’s Knitting out of Handmaiden Casbah. I cast them on February 1st, and that is exactly how much knitting I have done on them. I somehow still believe that I will finish the Celestarium, finish the Echeveria, weave in the ends on the Roosimine, weave in the ends and block the Vertebrae cardigan by the time I leave for Stitches (which is in NINE days) and have these at a point where it’s feasible for me to finish them by the end of February. This is totally do-able, right?