Ron in the hat I knit for him

Ron in the hat I knit for him (and isn’t he cute?)

Ron and I finally got around to celebrating our anniversary the weekend before last, and I knit a simple hat for his gift, but it’s something that’s filled with a lot of meaning for me. Long story short, I was at Stitches West during our anniversary. Ron is so awesome and so completely understands my obsession that he was totally cool with me missing our anniversary, even though I felt a little bad about it. So, with scheduling and other stuff, we couldn’t find the time until just this past weekend.

Honestly, I think we needed to go out and celebrate, because it’s been a rough couple of weeks for us. Ron got in a really bad car accident about two weeks ago. Don’t worry, he’s fine, but we are so very, very lucky. But it’s those kinds of things that make you really consider how much the people in your life mean. And Ron means a lot to me. I trust him implicitly. He is a constant source of love and support for me. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel better when I’m sad and hurting. I’m a lucky girl to have him in my life.

Honestly, Ron is so very, very knitworthy that I’m a little ashamed that this anniversary hat is only the second knitted item I’ve ever made him. I’ve knit him a hat before, but it was a double knit hat in heavy worsted yarn, so it was a little too warm to be truly useful. We live in Southern California, so it’s not terribly cold out most of the time. He deserves so much more knitted stuff, because he is so awesome and supportive and kind and generous. He’s exactly the kind of person who deserves my handknits.

So I searched around Ravelry for a pattern. I’ve found that when knitting for men, it’s best to keep the patterning simple, so I chose this pattern: The Man Hat. It’s a simple garter rib hat and I finished it pretty easily.

I did have to do some messing with the gauge. The pattern called for a bulky weight yarn, and the yarn I wanted to use (Skacel Divine) was more of a light worsted or a dk yarn. Plus, it was really drapey, so I ended up going down to size 4 needles and casting on a bunch more stitches than called for in the pattern and doing extra decreases at the crown. Simple patterns like this are pretty easy to modify. If you’re new to changing gauges and doing math as a knitter, I recommend starting with a pattern like this, where the math isn’t too difficult and the patterning and shaping is easy.

Bay Arcade Neon Sign in Balboa

This is the sign of the arcade where we spent the afternoon

And yes, our anniversary was wonderful. We went down to the Balboa Fun Zone and rode the Ferris Wheel and played games in silly run down arcades. We bought Pixie Sticks and plastic dinosaurs with our ticket winnings from Skee Ball, because we are awesome. Then we ate seafood at The Cannery, which is a restaurant I just love. And Ron helped me take some pictures of some of the really cool old signs in the neighborhood. He’s a much better photographer than I am, and he’s really patient with me when he teaches me.

I feel so glad to be able create for people I love, even if it’s just knitting a simple hat for them. It’s my way of saying “I love you. I think you are worth my time and my effort. I’m glad you’re in my life.” Sometimes saying those words feels inadequate or difficult. For me, knitting is sometimes the best way I can express it.