'Olina Socks

‘Olina Socks

I finished my ‘Olina Socks, finally. I have a problem with toe up socks. See, I have little feet, so with top down socks, I get all of the long leg part out of the way first. Then I turn the heel and BAM! I have socks. At least, that’s what it feels like. The foot just goes so quick. These felt like they took forever, because the leg is much longer than my foot.

Honestly, I’m not overjoyed with these socks. I love the pattern–the design just really speaks to me. I love the yarn, which is Handmaiden Casbah and has cashmere in it. It’s so luxurious feeling. I just think they are not my best work. I really should have knit them on size 0 needles instead of size 1s. I think they’re a little too loose to wear well and a little too big to properly fit me. The gauge change probably would have fixed both issues. But I was lazy, so they get to be bed socks, not socks I really wear to walk around in.

I’m trying to let it go. I’m trying to be okay that they’re socks I like, even though they’re not perfect socks. I’m such a perfectionist with my crafting sometimes, but I’m trying to let it go. I learn from every project so sometimes I get more out of doing more projects rather than trying to make every project totally perfect. At Craftcation, the awesome Tiffany Han told a story about two pottery classes. In one class, the instructors told the students they had to focus on making the most perfect bowl ever. In the other class, the students were told to make as many bowls as possible. By the time the class ended, the students in the second class were making much better bowls than the students in the first class. The repetition and larger view had let them actually get better. I’m trying to take that view of my craft more, because I tend to be a lot more like the first set of students–really focused on perfection to the point of myopia.

What about you? Do you think you learn better if you give yourself a break and focus on getting things done, instead of getting things perfect? Let me know.