I’m knitting my Madroña Shawl out of some yarn that is 100% tencel yarn. It’s really lovely yarn, but when I wound it into a center-pull ball, it was not happy. It kept collapsing in on itself and making yarn barf.

Sad yarn barf

I has a sad 😦

It was making me not want to knit on the project because it’s really, really annoying to have to keep untangling my yarn. I realized that I should have unwound from the outside of the ball, instead of the inside.

And then I realized that I was being very silly. I took the outside end of the yarn (the one coming from the outside of the ball), stuck it on my ball winder, and (carefully–seriously, be careful, tencel loves to tangle) wound a ball out of my ball. Viola! I now have an outside-pull ball. My knitting is much happier.

Outpull, non-tangly yarn is much happier!