Well, that was a longer break than I intended. Last week was really difficult. There were our national tragedies and my own personal struggles (nothing serious, just have a few projects coming to an ending point all at once), and between the two, I didn’t have much time to write. Something had to give, I guess, and it was writing this time. But only because I can’t quit my day job to just write and knit and act and play music all day (wouldn’t that be nice).

So anyway, I’ll give you a knitting update today and an update on Yarn Crawl LA (which happened last weekend and a whole lot of fun) tomorrow.

Progress on my Madroña Shawl was going really well, but I didn’t have the bandwidth last week, so it’s stalled a bit. But it’s turning out quite pretty and I’m pleased with it.

The Sock Strap Sock has also stalled (it looks exactly the same as the picture in previous entry because I’ve done exactly zero knitting on it), and for the silliest reason. I broke one of the knitting needles and I don’t have the heart to dig out my other set of Knitpicks Size 1s and replace the broken one. Am I the only one who gets inexplicably sad when I break a needle? I feel like a knitting failure when I do that. Like real knitters don’t break needles right? (Or do you? I don’t know, maybe it’s because I knit socks on thin wooden needles that I have this problem. Should I switch to metal? Let me know I’m not alone in my needle breaking woes.)

Caribbean Tide Sweater

But, since I needed something to knit at guild on Saturday and none of my current projects on the needles (because I have a few others as well) were feeding my creative needs, I cast on something else. It’s a lovely, very easy baby sweater. (The pattern is actually called “Easy Baby Sweater”, as a matter of fact.) It’s a simple top-down raglan cardigan. I’m making mine out of Liberty Wool in the Caribbean Tide colorway, which has lots of blues and greens. It’s for my nephew. It looks like he’s going to end up with blue eyes (several babies in my family have been born with blue eyes that changed brown within a few months of birth), so I’m really inspired to knit him all kinds of blue sweaters to bring out his eyes.

So I worked on that at guild on Saturday and dinner on Saturday and while watching a production of The Grapes of Wrath (which was absolutely heart-breakingly fantastic) on Sunday, and I got all of the body done. So now it’s just the sleeves, the button bands, and finishing it up. Unfortunately, this is often where sweaters stall for me (sleeves are not my favorite), but since this is the only thing I feel like knitting right now, I think I might actually get this done fairly quickly.