Lovely baby sweater knit of sock yarn with blue buttons

I finished the baby sweater! I did a grosgrain ribbon and backing buttons to stabilize the buttons on the fabric:

Backing Buttons and Grosgrain Ribbon

An i-cord tie for the inside:

Hand-knit baby wrap sweater

And sewed on the buttons:

Closeup of buttons

The buttons are the letter D because my nephew’s first and middle name both start with a D, so I figured it would be appropriate. I’m so pleased with it. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably one of the better things I have ever knit (that wasn’t a shawl). I’m never as happy with my sweaters because I’m not super pleased with my finishing and handsewing techniques. But I’m taking a couple of classes at Stitches West that might help with that, so I’m hoping I only get better.

Last night, when Ron and I went to see my friends’ band (these are different friends in a different band than the one we saw Friday night) I worked on my Frost Flowers shawl. The band played three sets, each about fifty minutes long. I worked on the shawl for probably half of the second set and all of the third set (we were eating prior to that, so I wasn’t knitting). I got exactly one round done. One round. In an hour and a half. Because each round is about a million stitches long. This is going to take forever. It better be gorgeous when it’s done, because knitting it is eating my soul. I’m kind of tired of that and the secret project right now.

I’m going to work on my Celestarium while I wait for it to get dark. Because tonight we are finally getting our Christmas tree and decorating it! Tune in tomorrow for indisputable proof that Christmas is just around the corner!